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Take a ride of these Eco-Friendly Bikes and explore the area!

Daymak EM1

The EM1 is the first of its kind, with a design that allows you to sit in a prone position and reach speeds up to 32 Km/h. The EM1 comes with USD front shocks and standard rear shocks making it one of the smoothest rides yet. With its definitive front LED headlights and signal lights, the EM1 is truly the evolution of ebikes. It comes with foot pegs for multiple riders and pedals giving you the ability to pedal if you run out of power after and astounding 40kms of range to roam the streets of Crystal Beach and Ridgeway. This may be the most stylish ebike yet!


Ride in style and go against the norm on the brand new Daymak Rebel. This mini ebike packs quite a punch for its size, maxing out at 32 km/h. The Rebel comes with a lithium battery pack that provides up to 40 km range, and with its quick acceleration you’ll be able to get up to top speed in no time. Its rugged style look is a perfect statement piece for those who go against the grain. The Daymak Rebel is the perfect ebike for one to go solo wherever you choose.

Welcome to Crystal Beach. If you're looking for something to do without exhausting to much energy E-bikes are the perfect way to explore the area without having to break a sweat.

Here's your chance to boogie uptown take a peek at the shops or even sit down and have yourself an appetizer. Whatever you decide, its a refreshing & speedy way to see the area while getting some thrill seeking in without having to worry about parking costs or expensive fuel needs, these eco-friendly Daymak E-bikes are a blast to drive!

We include your Daymak E-bike rental, a helmet and a safety run down.



-Requires valid photo ID
-Must be 18 years of age
-Must sign Waiver & release of liability
-$500.00 Damage Deposit Required for E- BIKE Rentals


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