Hello and welcome Everyone!

Here at "Adventure Crystal Beach" our top priority is your safety. We do reserve the right to cancel or change any reservations or bookings for any circumstances. Although we do aim to please everyone and give you the most gratifying experience possible, there are some circumstances that could happen, preventing you from the enjoyment of an rental activity.  For this reason, we reserve the right to cancel your booking due to weather or  forseen conditions, possible equipment malfunctions or any other necessary safety concern for you and the equipment at risk. 

We ask you to treat all rentals with respect, as they can be dangerious if mishandled. Aggressive Driving near others, will not be tolerated and could result in your rental being cancelled at any time. Our main concern is SAFETY and then FUN! With that being said, any fourthcoming evidence during your rentals reservation from the community, police presence, including phone calls, text messages or pictures of any sort, will be taken seriously. Please understand that your safety and the safety of others around you, is our utmost important priority.  These types of behaviours could result in a loss of deposit. Any Damage to any rental, will result in an automatic hold of your "Damage Deposit" until the damage has been assessed and valued for repair. If the damages exceed you're deposit, you are still responsible.

 Were dedicated to helping good people, get this most out of their Crystal Beach Adventure. Here's your opportunity to SEE MORE & DO MORE!